Magic is YOUR PERFECT option for corporate functions, cocktail parties, special dinners, award nights, Christmas work parties and conferences.

Planning a corporate function or special event? You’re in the right place! Andy is a dynamic corporate entertainer who uses his amazing magical abilities to bring people together! From recent clients that include Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz and Barclays Bank, you are guaranteed a fun, exciting and memorable night of magic!

Close up magic – The perfect ice breaker

As Andy always says, magic is THE perfect ice breaker for getting people talking. Your event is going to have many guests who perhaps don’t know each other, there will be groups of people standing around and the last thing you want are bored guests. You want people talking, networking, enjoying themselves and talking to each, creating connections and having a great time! This is where magic will transform your night. Close-up magic is THE ace up your sleeve for getting people closer. Andy will move among the groups performing exciting and hilarious interactive magic, making people relaxed and breaking that barrier.

Andy’s magic helps YOU:


Connect and build rapport with your audience


Create a great atmosphere to get people talking and networking


Utilise your company’s sales message and branding to give it maximum impact and appeal

“We just wanted to say a massive thank you for supporting our event last night. I’ve heard nothing but raving reviews about you though! There were even some people in the residents bar at 2am waving your business card around and saying how good you were!!”

– Lesley Hampson (Regional, events manager, Trinity Mirror North East)

“Thank you so much! The team thoroughly enjoyed your performance, and they were staggered with your tricks!! They thought your delivery was spectacular. Thanks again! “

– Kirstie Rutherford (Marks And Spencer)

“He is a fantastic addition to any wedding and we are always pleased to have him here at Redworth Hall!”

- Deborah Allen (Meeting and Events Executive, Redworth Hall)

Include the LIVE SHOW

Want to take your even to the next level? Andy also gives you the option of adding his magical “LIVE SHOW” to your night. This is perfect for a seated audience who want to be entertained and thrilled! The show runs up to 45 minutes with plenty of crowd interaction and participation so be prepared to leave your seats as the show goes on!

One of the most common questions from event organizers has been how to get AND keep the energy high during the event. Andy’s close-up magic is your secret answer! And if you combine the close-up magic with his LIVE SHOW, you are totally guaranteed a highly entertaining event, high energy and a satisfied audience!

Ready to take your event to the next level?

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Push your brand message further with Magic

Is your company exhibiting at a trade show? If so then you NEED Andy at your trade show!

Your goal is to get customers feeling great about your product. You’ve got to arouse their interest in what you’re offering and sometimes, as you know, it can be hard work!

It doesn’t matter whether your business is opening a new premises, releasing a new product or just wants to attract some new customers, Andy’s magic will engage your clients and create memories of your product or event that will last a very long time!

Andy has vast experience with helping clients connect with each other by creating an exciting and relevant vibe!

“Andy has been working with us for the best part of two years and is fantastic with guests, as well as being consistently professional and reliable!
Such a pleasure to work with and we would always recommend him.”

– Kate Green (Events Manager, Solberge Hall)

Magic will help your business…


You have a very short time to get a potential prospect’s attention.
Magic has the ability of grabbing that attention and bringing the show delegates straight to your stand and engaging them.


What makes corporate magic so strong is that from the moment of connection, the delegates will want to continue watching the performance, which of course will also include the company’s sales message and branding.
This strong combination will build and hold a crowd.



The entire approach uses a style that means the delegates are involved, rather than passive.
It is a fresh approach compared with many other exhibitors.
Throughout the performance, a relationship is built making it far easier to recognize the delegates level of interest, meaning they are no longer just passers by, but potential business leads.

“A little magic can take you a long way…”

- Roald Dahl

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